Haiti Earthquake Relief Update January 21, 2010
  • Hearts for the Hungry is providing food for patients and their families at Cap Haitian Hospital. We have a kitchen set up in a school next to the hospital and a team of ladies are cooking and delivering the food. These patients are earthquake victims from Port au Prince. Victims are flooding into this northern city by the thousands.
  • We are working with the Mayor of Cap-Haitian and local policeman to distribute food to quake victims.
  • We are surveying local families that are housing refugees from PaP. Some are housing 12 or more and have don't have enough food for their own families. We are providing food packs beginning yesterday.
  • We received a donation of 1 container of 2000 jars of peanut butter on its way to our warehouse. This was donated by Missionary Fights International and turned over to Hearts for the Hungry for earthquake relief.
  • We are happy to report that the price of a 110# bag of rice has not spiked much at this point. We were able to purchase $15,000 of rice this week and will be purchasing another $15,000 next week. We plan on using the rest of our funds in February to buy $20,000 in more rice. This will drain all of our existing funds but we hope to receive more.
  • On Wednesday Jan 19th, two people from the UN came by the orphanage to see if the orphanage needed help. Instead the orphanage was to offer their services to try to help the UN.  Hearts for the Hungry's warehouse is located inside the orphanage grounds. The UN is doing a survey of Cap-Haitian and they will tell us what they've found. The missionaries at EBAC orphanage described it as a blessing to be able to provide support rather than ask for help.

Please pray for our work in Haiti. I will be on a small team traveling to Haiti Feb 17th and we hope to provide substantial aid to the earthquake victims and all Haitians suffering from this disaster.  We will also continue with our primary mission of feeding children in Haiti's schools.

Rob Hess

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