Earthquake Victims coming to Cap-Haitian
January 20, 2010

The US State Department has recommended that we disperse our food aid in the region where we store the food, Cap-Haitian. Earthquake victims are flooding into this area. One missionary couple describes it as "Busloads of people, truckloads of people, and even tap-taps coming from the south".

"We have had more people come needing help with family and friends from Port. It is so overwhelming for us. To know where to start and how to go about this. But things will fall into place and God will be in it." (Don and Karen Davis - World Outreach Ministries).

Cap Haitian is being affected by flooding and landslides. Many roads are impassable, making aid even more difficult. In addition to that Pap was hit with a magnitude 6.1 quake today.

We are providing aid to victims of the Earthquake in Cap-Haitian hospital. Food is being delivered to the Hospital, which currently has 30 foreign doctors but no food for the patients or their families. Many of the victims have no family in the Cap-Haitian area so they have no access to food. We have also notified other relief agencies in the area of our food availability for earthquake victims and we understand it is being distributed. We are waiting to hear of availability of rice in the port of Cap-Haitian. If it is not available we will order food supplies from the US. Container shipments could take a month so we hope to buy in Cap Haitian, but are keeping the container option open.

Communications are erratic. We are unable to contact via cell phones and rely on email, but will keep you up to date as we know more.

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