EBAC Christian Academy and Orphanage
School Name: EBAC Christian Academy and Orphanage
Location: Morne Rouge
Headmaster: Dr. Cebian Alexis, Kathy Gouker, and Alice Wise
Number of Students: 50
Orphans: 95 (includes the 50 students)
Number of Teachers: 5
Cooks: 2
Grades Served: Primary and Secondary
Curriculum: English, Math, Bible Study, History
Information About School:

This school and orphanage is also the location for the Hearts for the Hungry warehouse, and our base of operations. The school has a wall around it protecting the school, orphanage, vehicles and warehouse for our food supply.  This is an English school using ACE, Accelerated Christian Education. The school offers advanced English training and even basic computer training. Children in this school have a unique advantage to move on to college education if they can get the funds.

Unique Problems/Needs:

Without families, the orphans have only the basic needs met like a room and bed to sleep in, but rely on missionaries for clothing, shoes and any extra items.

The American school teachers, Alice and Kathy, rely on outside help to pay for their basic needs which include school supplies, like dry erase markers, paper, crayons, pencils, and craft and teaching materials.

Hearts for the Hungry provides these children with one meal a day. The orphanage provides the second meal. We feed all the orphans and the school children.

An orphan in this center can be age 3 up to age 30. In Haiti a 30 year old has no jobs or resources, so they remain orphans. Some of the educated orphans in this center have gone on to create other orphanages, schools and churches. Others have come to America. 



Sponsor a student - $140 per year