Gran Ve Savanne
School Name: Gran Ve Savanne
Headmaster: Pastor Eliphete
Number of Students:
Number of Teachers:
Grades Served: Primary 1st – 6th
Curriculum: English, Math, Bible Study, History
Information About School:

The school is very sparse with tin roof and thatch walls. There are needs beyond food including school supplies, (paper, books, chalk and pencils), and sustainable needs like Chickens for eggs and seeds for growing crops around the school. A church is under construction and will be completed in late 2006. The church, made of cement block is next to the current school and may replace the school.

Unique Problems/Needs:

It is nearest the remote town of Mombin Chroshu. The drive to this location is near impossible by vehicle making the delivery of food very difficult. Our goal for this location is to make food and supply deliveries no more than 2 times per year. Homes in this area are mud and thatch with thatch roof. People travel by donkey, horse or foot. Voodoo is more prevalent in these areas and traveling to this region we have seen witch doctor homes and hear Voodoo ceremonies.

Crops in this area grow from March to September. Dry conditions and clear cutting of the forest have made growing more difficult and less productive.



Sponsor a student - $140 per year