Bohoc #2 Primary School
School Name: Bohoc #2 Primary School
Location: Town of Bohoc
Headmaster: Pastor Marcel Augustine
Number of Students: 158
Number of Teachers: 5
Grades Served: Primary – kindergarten to 5th
Curriculum: English, Math, Bible Study, History
Information About School:

This school serves 158 students in a very small open area. The construction is block with tin roof. It is a nicer structure than Bohoc # 1, but students face the same chalanges of kack nutrition, a long walk to school.

Unique Problems/Needs:

The students in this region face extreme hunger and we saw evidence of starvation with bloated bellies. In addition to food. students need shoes – youth sizes. Younger children often will go barefoot and face walks up to 5 miles to school each way.

This school has land for growing crops, but has poor growing conditions due to dry conditions – seeds like beans and corn are helpful. Chickens which produce eggs for teachers are always helpful to add protein to their diet.



Sponsor a student - $140 per year