School Name: Garde-Cognac
Location: Approximately 4 Miles South Of Limbe, on the Limbe River
Headmaster: Jean-DeDieu
Number of Students: 120
Number of Teachers: 5
Grades Served: Primary and secondary – up to 8th grade
Curriculum: English, Math, Bible Study, History, English, (in secondary grades)
Information About School: School building is not finished. Just walls and foundation built. Currently fuunds are not available to finish school. The church located next to the school is currently doubling as the school. The school has a good reputation in the area for excellent education.
Unique Problems/Needs:

Funds to complete construction of the school. When the building is completed it can house up to 500 students. Students need shoes. Boys and girls adult sizes are most helpful. Younger children often will go barefoot. Seeds for plants like corn and beans are needed. The school has land for growing crops.



Sponsor a student - $140 per year