School Name: Bas-Quatia
Location: 5 miles outside of Por-Mago, across the Limbe river
Headmaster: Pastor Naason Mulatare
Number of Students: 165
Number of Teachers: 4
Grades Served: Primary
Curriculum: English, Math, Bible Study, History
Information About School: School is currently thatch walls, (2 sides), open on two sides with tin roof and dirt floor. They hope to build a block building in the future.
Unique Problems/Needs:

Access is very difficult and impossible during rainy season because a vehicle must cross the Limbe river to get to the school. Students need shoes. Boys and girls adult sizes are most helpful. Younger children often will go barefoot. Seeds for plants like corn and beans are needed. The school has land for growing crops.

A house has been built for the Pastor but as of April 2006 has not been completed. The house needs doors and floors. Several acres are owned behind the school to grow crops to help feed the Pastor and teachers. Before we can deliver food to this school, we will need the house finished with doors to have a safe place to store the food.

Getting sponsorship to students in this school is a high priority. There is limited access to food between growing seasons.



Sponsor a student - $140 per year