Château Neuf
School Name: Château Neuf
Location: North of the Town of Camp Louise
Headmaster: Pastor Davouce
Number of Students: 100
Number of Teachers: 4
Grades Served: Primary - Kindergarten to 5th
Curriculum: English, Math, Bible Study, History, English, (in secondary grades)
Information About School: All grades are in one area, with only a few feet of space between each different grade level. There are no walls between each grade level. All grades share a very small area. The house for Pastor Davouce who is also the headmaster is under construction next to the school. See images for school and construction of the home.
Unique Problems/Needs: Small cramped quarters. School has no walls and dirt floor. We would like to build a block structure someday. Students need shoes. Boys and girls adult sizes are most helpful. Younger children often will go barefoot.


Sponsor a student - $140 per year