Camp Louise
School Name: Camp Louis
Location: Town of Camp Louise, 10 miles outside of Cape Haitian
Headmaster: Pastor Peter
Number of Students: 150
Number of Teachers: 6
Grades Served: All grades -- Primary and Secondary
Curriculum: English, Bible Study, History, English (in secondary grades)
Information About School: There are individual classrooms separated by walls in this block structure.  The school has adequate roads (by Haitian standards) allowing access to nearby Cape Haitian.
Unique Problems/Needs: School is unfinished.  Half of the building needs a floor and doors. Like most Haitians, the students have poor nutrition and many students walk many miles to school. Concentrating in class without adequate nutrition is the challenge. Students need shoes. Boys and girls adult sizes are most helpful. Younger children often will go barefoot. Donating chickens is always helpful for tghese schools.


Sponsor a student - $140 per year