Adopt a School

Can your church or organization adopt an entire school?  There are schools of all sizes in Haiti, from 50 students to 500.  With our Adopt-A-School program you will be able to send and receive correspondence from the school, and build a relationship with the teachers and children of that school.

We can provide your church or organization with a media kit to build awareness of the problems facing the Haitians.  Contact us for more information.

Our Schools
Sponsoring a student in these schools mean they receive a meal 5 days a week through the school year and for additional school activities beyond the school year. Typically we will feed a student for 48 weeks per year. When school is not in session we continue to feed the student offering Vacation Bible School and other school activities, with the incentive of the daily meal.

Camp Louise EBAC Christian Academy and Orphanage
Château Neuf Faith Christian University
Bas-Quatia Marmalade School
Garde-Cognac Arack-Orrange School
Chompin Ravind-Long School
Pitimil Lavisite – Louge
Bassin-Caimen St Michelle
Baptiste Armee Du Christ Sarepta Garde-Severe
Bohoc Primary School Kaboule
Bohoc #2 Primary School Librun
Gran Ve Savanne Trour-Jean Pierre School
Philadelphia School Robillear School

Sponsor a student - $140 per year