Our Work

We are a non-profit organization providing food for hungry children in schools throughout Haiti.  Our goal is to provide hope for the future of those we serve.  We offer a school feeding program consisting of one nutritious meal a day through out the year which is usually the only meal the child will have that day.
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Buy a Bag of Rice
All of the $ 40.00 goes to rice. There are no other costs. A bag of rice is 550 meals. In Cap Haitian the EBAC Orphanage uses 8 bags of rice a month to feed 80 orphans and the staff and teachers.

In Haiti Rice is Life - help us "Buy a Bag".

Sponsor a Student

For only $140.00 a year, you can feed a child throughout the school year and summer in Hearts for the Hungry sponsored programs.
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Adopt a School

Can your church or organization adopt an entire school?  There are schools of all sizes in Haiti, from 50 students to 500.  With our Adopt-A-School program you will be able to send and receive correspondence from the school, and build a relationship with the teachers and children of that school.
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Sponsor a student - $140 per year